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Interview - Tips for candidate

1. Appearance.

Candidates should choose clean and tidy clothes. The choice of clothing depends on the industry and the position you are applying for. Although there are companies that can tolerate loose clothes but our first conversation should take place in elegant clothes. Let's choose something where we feel good and confident - this will increase the chances of success. In addition, the ladies who go for an interview should remember that the makeup will be subtle.

2. Punctuality.

Never be late for an interview. Even if we will turn up too early, you should wait calmly in place for their turn.

3. News of the company.

Before the interview, we should find out many information about the company, products, services, customers and even competitors. This will allow us to gain an advantage over other candidates. Additionally, make conversation with a recruiter takes the form of a partnership.

4. Prepare yourself.

Bring a folder with an additional copy of the curriculum vitae, supporting documents and some paper – you can notes something important issues. Let's not forget about the pen - to borrow it from a recruiter can be a little awkward.

5. Keep an enthusiastic approach

The energy and enthusiasm of a candidate positive feelings. You should show your enthusiasm. Starting from a strong and a handshake, the tone of voice, expressive manner of speech, and attitude. We should not let him know that we are stressed, on the outside have to be flawless.

6. Actively listen

Active listening is one of the most neglected skills of the candidates. At the interview we should be vigilant and properly interpret the intentions of our interlocutors. Sometimes what is most important is spoken between the lines.

7. Respond precisely

If you have any doubt as to the set by the recruiter questions we should ask for clarification. This will allow us to more accurate answer. Do not be afraid to ask.

8. Serve examples

One good example that proves our feature is better than a few little meaningful descriptions. We must be prepared for the fact that we can be asked about every skill, which we mentioned in our resume. For recruiter, our behavior from the past are the basis for predicting our future achievements.

9. Ask questions

Remember that asking questions is not only assigned recruiter. Candidates also should ask. As a result, we show our interest and involvement. In addition, we find out the important issues that will gain an advantage over other candidates.

10. Conclusion

At the end of the conversation should ask when we can expect the responses and thank for the meeting. It is important that during the interview show self-confidence and poise, which will create a positive image.


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