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How to write a good cover letter?

Cover letter, like the CV should be concise and clear, written font that reads well. It should include spacing between the items discussed (paragraphs) and do not exceed the length of one side of A4. A cover letter is an opportunity for the candidacy to awaken employer's interest his own person and qualifications, professionalism, and partly a personality. It is important not to repeat the information contained in the CV. However, you must deepen and make up for some aspects. The typical structure of a cover letter:

1. Headline:

- your name,

- phone number,

- email address. If you know the name of the person to whom the letter has delivered – also should enter them in the header.

2. The first paragraph:

You have to answer in the following questions:

- why you write?

- where we find out about the offer? (eg. Web portal or newspaper – give the date of issue) 3. The second paragraph:

- write why you cut out for this job,

- mention of your advantages,

- include your experience.

4. The third paragraph:

- explain what motivates you to work in this company: the finding that motivation are "opportunities" and "work in a prestigious company" may not be sufficient. It is put on specifics. Write why you are interested in a particular industry, why do you want to work just in this department,

- at the end of the letter you can interject that it will be the pleasure for you to present yourself during the interview.

5. Signature:

- if you send the application by fax or regular mail, must be handwritten signature.


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